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Corporate Samples  |  TV Spots


NYU Medical Center
Promotional Video

Produced for NYU Medical Center to promote the future opening of their downtown medical facility.

The challenge to editing this promotional video was the fact that there was no footage to work with. Only building plans, historical images and stills taken from the neighborhood during a site survey. Truly an exercise of making something from nothing.


Toy Industry Foundation

Produced for the Toy Industry Foundation based out of New York City, this video was shown at a trade show conference where TIF thanks (and solicits donations from) over 350 of the world's top toy manufacturers.




Training Spoof

This was produced to introduce corporate compliance training by spoofing the famous scene from "A Few Good Men".

After shooting all green-screen in a small Boston office, post production, color correction and compositing were done at WestView's post facility to create a memorable introduction to what was most likely a very boring training session.


Cumming Commentary

The CEO of a Boston-based corporation was a huge fan of "The Cobert Report" and needed a way to introduce his keynote address.

This is what we created for him.




Len Britton

This commercial was created for Len Britton who is running for US Senate in Vermont. 

It went viral with a nationwide audience.


Ramunto's Pizza

The goal was to create an original commercial that shows that there really is a difference between quality hand-made pizza and mass-market pizza.


Heritage Family Credit Union

This is the first in a series of commercials with their new spokesdog, Clifford.  Over the years, we've gotten pretty good at getting great performances from non-professional talent.  The human in the commercial is not an actor - the dog really is a dog.


Shearer Honda

What's the best way to combat a crummy economy?  Tired of hearing "in these tough times..."  Well, how about an upbeat feel good car commercial with some really good deals?  Works for me.


Rutland Regional Medical Center

These are actual patients, not paid actors.  This is another example of how we were able to direct and edit  non-professional on-camera talent to get the delivery and emotion the client was looking for.


The Bank of Bennington

The agency that produced this spot, Manchester Advertising, came to us with a concept that no other production company in the area could deliver.    The motion tracking and green screen work is pretty seamless if you ask me.


Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital

Between NYU Medical Center, Rutland Regional, and corporate work for Lluminari and Hologic, we've created a little niche in Healthcare-related production work.  Here's another spot for a local hospital.

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