What shot do you need to get?
            Need footage while standing on the top of a nuclear reactor?  Been there.
            Aerial footage shot from a helicopter?  Done that.

 Dolly shots? Jib arm shots?  Full Gimbal Stabilization?  Drone?
          We have the equipment and experience to get the shot you need.

All in UHD 4k
          You see, not all HD and UHD is created equal.  We've invested in full-size true 4k acquisition.
          Not AVCHD, not HDV.  Those are 'consumer' versions of HD.
          We shoot with Sony's XDCAM - the trusted name in HD production.
          Plus a wide selection of versatile zoom or fast cinema prime lenses.

In addition, we have high-end wired and wireless mics, three complete lighting packages (both tungsten and variable-color temperature LEDs), a teleprompter, several gimbal stabilizers, a ride-on camera dolly, a computerized motion control 3 axis camera slider, an 8 foot jib arm and we're a fully registered and insured drone operator.
When other companies tell you that you'll need to rent equipment to get the shot you need, chances are they're renting it from us.